So Soap DIY

Soap Case

A complete vanity case to create scented soaps!

The soap case comes with everything you need to create your own scented soaps like a pro! Plus, it comes in a super cute storage case for all of your bathroom accessories. These soaps are deliciously scented and are shaped like super cute cupcakes! They make the perfect personalized bathroom accessories, or a cute gift for your besties!

With the soap case you can create 4 colorful and scented soaps!

  • Strawberry scented pink soap
  • Bubblegum scented purple soap
  • Pineapple scented blue soap
  • Vanilla scented yellow soap

Making the soap is so easy! Just mix the frosting powder with a little bit of water. Choose one of the three frosting tips to give your icing the shape and style that you want. Pour the mix into your piping bag and gently add the icing on top of the colored soap base. You’re almost done! All there’s left to do is customize your cupcake with the collectable character and the decoration!

Are you planning on inviting your friends to a slumber party? Why not make DIY scented soaps with them? You’ll have so much fun, and the soaps are a great souvenir for them to take home!

Your soap case comes with:

  • 1 storage case
  • 1 surprise character
  • 3 surprise mini toppers
  • 4 soaps
  • 4 bags of cream powder
  • 3 bags of decoration sprinkles
  • 4 frosting bags
  • 3 frosting tips
  • 1 measuring spoon
  • 1 sticker sheet
Soap Case
Soap Case
Soap Case
Soap Case
Soap Case
Soap Case

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