So Bomb DIY

Bath Bomb Factory

A complete mixing station to create six bath bombs!

Give free rein to your imagination and create your own fizzy bath bombs with the Bath Bomb Factory!

So Bomb DIY draws its inspiration from latest trends on social media! Scented and glittery, the bath bombs melt in water, creating a magical and sparkling bath!

The Bath Bomb Factory is a fun-filled mixing station! Your girly factory comes with everything you need to make your own brightly colored bath bombs! It’s easy! Mix the scents and the colors, and add the decorative sprinkles to customize your fizzy bath bombs!

To create your bath bombs, simply follow the directions: pour the powders together with a little water into your mixing station and fill your mold with the mix. Add the sparkles and the surprise character and let the bath bomb dry.

Cool, your bath bombs are ready to be popped into the water: bath time has never been so fun!

The Bath Bomb Factory includes:

  • 1 Mixing station and 1 mixer
  • 1 Mold
  • 6 Bags of sodium bicarbonate
  • 6 Bags of citric acid
  • 2 Bags of decoration
  • 4 Surprise characters
  • 2 Test tubes
  • 1 Mini dropper
  • 1 Instruction manual
Bath Bomb Factory
Bath Bomb Factory
Bath Bomb Factory
Bath Bomb Factory
Bath Bomb Factory
Bath Bomb Factory


Bath Bomb Factory Tutorial

Check out our video to make your own Bath Bombs with the So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Factory! All the necessary ingredients are provided, just add a little water! Follow the steps to get colorful, scent-sational bath bombs!

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