So Bomb DIY

Bath Bomb Vanity

A complete vanity to create 5 bath bombs!

Take your Bath Bomb Vanity everywhere with your own scented bath bombs!
So Bomb DIY brings you a fun-filled and trendy kit to create five sparkling bath bombs!

You can mix the scents (strawberry, pineapple, vanilla) and the colors (pink, purple, yellow, green and blue)! Give free rein to your imagination!
How does it work? To make your bath bombs, simply follow the recipe!
Start by mixing the powders with a little water and the mix in the mold. Add the decoration and the surprise character and let it dry.

Wow, the bath bombs melt into the bath and infuse the water with scents and colors! Surprise: the bath bombs release your figurines when they dissolve in the water!
The ingredients are stored in a cute vanity case: it’s super handy, you can take it everywhere with you!

The Bath Bomb Vanity includes:

  • 1 vanity case
  • 3 molds
  • 5 bags of sodium bicarbonate
  • 5 bags of citric acid
  • 1 bag of decoration
  • 1 mini dropper n
  • 3 surprise characters
  • 1 manual instruction
Bath Bomb Vanity
Bath Bomb Vanity
Bath Bomb Vanity
Bath Bomb Vanity


Bath Bomb Kit Tutorial

Make your own #BathBombs with So Bomb DIY! So easy, So fizzy ! Everything is included, just add water! Follow the steps to get a colorful bath bomb.necessary ingredients are provided, just add a little water, and follow the steps to get a beautiful bath bomb.

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